History of cars made

in the USA and Canada

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Have you ever wondered why it is worth checking the history of the vehicle?


For many people, buying a car is a big expense. That is why used cars imported from North America, i.e. from the USA and Canada, are popular, the price of which is lower than the price of new cars offered in car showrooms. Remember that buying a used vehicle seems to involve some risk.


Can we be sure that the information provided by the seller is true? How do we know, for example, that a car offered as a non-accident car has not actually suffered a serious accident, which in the future may result in serious problems related to its operation and, most importantly, its safe use. What to do to make sure that the vehicle we want to import from abroad is not stolen?


To dispel our doubts about the veracity of the information contained in the advertisement, check the car's history.

What will you learn about the vehicle?

Vehicle history:

Year and country of production, Information on the number of owners, prices of the vehicle at auctions, etc.

Vehicle damage:


Information about all collisions and damages to the vehicle. Throughout its useful life in the US and Canada.

Mileage vehicles:


The exact mileage documented on the basis of original documents from the beginning of the vehicle's existence.

Purpose of the vehicle:


Information for what purposes the car was used in the US and Canada. E.g. taxi, transport, etc.

Information about thefts:


Verification in official international police databases that the car has not been stolen or lost.

Photos of the vehicle:

Historical photographic documentation from the entire life of the car. from the insurance company..

Vehicle technical data:


Detailed information about the car, including equipment and technical options used.

VIN analysis:


Meticulous verification of the correctness of the VIN number and all data about the car that are derived from the VIN.